To be rat proof, a home made bin must be built of wooden planks and heavy welded wire mesh (not chicken wire, which rats easily chew and red bottom pumps which mice easily pass through). Do not put meat scraps or bones in the compost bin. Store outdoor garbage in tightly vibram five fingers sale closed, cheap michael kors store metal containers. Make sure bird feeders are well away from the house and that the feeder wholesale gucci prevents excessive seed from spilling onto the ground. This is very attractive to rats, which will also gnaw into a bird feeder if they can reach it. Stop them from climbing bird wholesale michael kors feeder poles by placing a wide metal collar on the pole. Repair any leaking plumbing, indoors or out, to remove a water supply. Norway rats, in particular, need a great deal of water and sometimes learn to chew into irrigation lines and garden hoses. Take cheap gucci belts great care to ensure that native species are not harmed by control methods. Most native species cause little or no damage; therefore it is essential to identify problem rodents before red bottom boots deciding on controls. If in doubt, use cheap michael kors a live cheap michael kors handbags trap, whichArticles Connexes: